• Whanganui and Wanganui

    1 February at 22:31 from atlas


    You may notice two different spellings of 'Whanganui', or 'Wanganui'. Since the mid-1800s there have been two different spellings in use for the name of our area. The different spellings arose from the way in which local iwi pronounce the word 'Whanganui' (the 'wh' creating a barely aspirated sound), and the way in which European settlers wrote down the word as they heard it - 'Wanganui'.

    More recently, the name of our district was deemed by the Government to be 'Whanganui'. This is why you will see the name of our city spelt with and without an H as you travel around. Either way - it is still the same place, Whanganui or Wanganui!

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    Myles Fothergill Q-West and Diana Davey Wanganui Valuers